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We LOVE drums, drummers and those who love drummers.



We offer a variety of drums for the newly interested to the completely obsessed.  We’ve chosen brands that provide new sounds and textures by utilizing amazing woods and acrylic to 100% metal shells.  Let us help find your new voice.


electronic drums

Electronic Drums are a total blast.  But more importantly they are a tool to be used the same way you would an acoustic kit.  The difference is you are NOT limited to just one drum shell...you can create, upload, edit, manipulate and sculpt ANY drum sound you can imagine with a twist of a button.  Plus when you choose NFuzd Audio, not only do you get an electronic kit that attaches to your real kit, you have the ability to edit LIVE drum samples in uncompressed .WAV file format.


Incorporating a sample pad to your kit expands your showmanship and voices on stage from an "808 drop" to an explosion.  Need to load some intro music, do it.  Need to add some extra effects or alternative percussion to your kit?  Do It!


Triggers and modules allow you to be flexible in your kit in ways you never dreamed possible.  Add a 2Box Trigger and a Drumit 3 Module to your kit and you are killing it.  Add mesh heads and you have a practice kit that is YOUR kit wit no adjustments to your position or change in your muscle memory...just keep swinging for the stars you normally would.



The jewelry of your kit should be revered, loved and embraced with passion...the same passion that went into making your handmade cymbal.  If you prefer a more consistent sound from cymbal to cymbal, choose one of the amazing machine made cymbals from all over the world.  Have a crazy sound in your head?  Have it made custom for you.  Want to "dry out" your cymbal sound but don't know which way to go?  The Drum Shop CAN help.


Choose 6, 12 or 18 Months Same As Cash Financing with Synchrony Financial.  Just stop in, fill out an application and use your credit card right on the spot for your next purchase over $500.00.

"Not just a drum shop, but a community of musicians, aspiring musicians, and people that want to be musicians. A place that seems more like going to a friends house than going shopping."



Dalton W.

"We LOVE drums, drummers and those who love them.  We are honored to serve the drumming community at large.  How can we help you express yourself?"




Roger Nottestad - Owner

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