Why we do this...


We LOVE drums, drummers and those who love drummers.


We offer a variety of drums for the newly interested to the completely obsessed.  We’ve chosen brands that provide new sounds and textures by utilizing amazing woods and acrylic to 100% metal shells.  Let us help find your new voice.


Service is THE MOST important thing we do at The Drum Shop.  Your satisfaction drives us to exceed your expectations.  Whether you need advice, a quick fix, a major overhaul or that something special, The Drum Shop strives to offer unparalleled service and integrity.


The Tulsa  Drum Community is steeped in history. It is the drum community as a whole we serve from newbie to seasoned professional.  With a variety of programs inspired by and for drummers of all experience levels, we work diligently to positively affect the Tulsa Drum Community.

"Not just a drum shop, but a community of musicians, aspiring musicians, and people that want to be musicians. A place that seems more like going to a friends house than going shopping."



Dalton W.

"We LOVE drums, drummers and those who love them.  We are honored to serve the drumming community at large.  How can we help you express yourself?"




Roger Nottestad - Owner

The Drum Shop is located at:

5800 South Lewis Avenue

Suite 147

(located in Historical London Square)

Tulsa, OK. 74105