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drums & cymbals

We offer drums  and cymbals for the newly interested to the completely dedicated.  We’ve chosen brands that provide new sounds and textures along with legends in the industry.

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Clicks, clacks, crashes, pings, sizzles, sloshes, chicks, splashes are all sounds in percussion. They add color to your life and drum kit one new sound at a time.

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This is THE most important thing we do at The Drum Shop.  You are our number one priority and your satisfaction is what drives us to do better everyday.  Whether you need some advice, a quick fix, a major overhaul or that piece of gear you’ve always wanted, The Drum Shop strives to offer unparalleled service and integrity with every turn of the drum key.

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Tulsa’s Drum Community is steeped in history. It is the drum community as a whole we serve…from newbie to seasoned professional we are here to help.  We provide knowledge, experience, suggestions and honesty. With a variety of community-based programs we hope to positively affect the Tulsa Drum Community as a whole.

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Located in Tulsa's historical

London Square Shopping Center

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